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Greenleafe Sales and Marketing is a paper napkin importer that supplies a variety of napkins to foodservice distributors. Our Ocean Drive paper napkins are high quality napkins, conveniently packaged and affordably priced.

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Paper Napkin Suppliers

Dinner Napkins
Greenleafe’s Ocean Drive dinner napkins are available in 1-ply, 2-ply, or a premium 2-ply dinner napkin. These premium dinner napkins are our most popular napkin! Our dinner napkins are shipped to your location in our Ocean Drive containers. We also offer private label dinner napkins to distributors.

Lunch Napkins
Our Ocean Drive lunch napkins are available in 1-ply and are ideal for fast food restaurants, sandwich shops, pizza delivery restaurants. Many foodservice distributors order these napkins with their private label to sell to their restaurant clients.

Tall Fold Napkins
Another popular napkin we sell is our Ocean Drive tall fold napkin. Our tall fold napkins are 1-ply and available in two different sizes.

Low Fold Napkins
Greenleafe’s Ocean Drive low-fold napkins are a 1-ply napkin and fit perfectly in low-fold napkin dispensers. These napkins are available in white and measure 7″ x 11.6″

Beverage Napkins
Our 9″ x 9″ Ocean Drive beverage napkin is available in virgin or mix pulp. This high-caliber napkin is a favorite of paper products distributors and suppliers.

Quick Napkins
Our Ocean Drive quick napkins are perfect if you are looking for a paper napkin that eliminates waste and dispenses one napkin at a time.

Paper Napkin Shipping Containers

All of our Ocean Drive paper napkins are securely packed and shipped directly to your location.

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