Dinner Napkins

Greenleafe Sales and Marketing imports 1-ply and 2-ply dinner napkins directly from China. Our Ocean Drive napkins are made from different types of paper stock. We have a pure virgin paper napkin made from wood pulp, we also have napkins made from sugarcane as well as recycled paper. Greenleafe is well known for our dinner napkins, and it is one of our top paper products imported to the United States and Canada. Greenleafe’s Ocean Drive dinner napkins are a great napkin for any food establishment that wants to make a nice presentation for dinner.

1-ply dinner napkins

2-ply dinner napkins

premium 2ply dinner napkins

1-Ply and 2-Ply Dinner Napkins

1-ply Ocean Drive dinner napkins are made from mixed pulp. They measure 14.2″ x 16.6″ or 15″ x 16.6″ are available in white. Our 2-ply Ocean Drive dinner napkins are made from virgin wood, sugarcane, pillow pack or mixed pulp. We also have an Ocean Drive 2-ply premium dinner napkin that measures 14.2″ x 16.6″ or 15″ x 16.6″ and is available in white.

dinner napkin specs



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