Quick Napkins

Quick napkins are the up-and-coming napkin in today’s food service establishments. You will see quick napkins at airports, most major fast food chains, delis and cafeterias. Quick napkins are just about everywhere you look. This napkin provides an easy dispensing system. The quick napkin dispensing system eliminates waste while dispensing one napkin at a time.

Our Ocean Drive quick napkins are made of mixed pulp or kraft pulp. Quick napkins measure 6.5″ x 8″ and are available in bleached white or kraft color.

Greeneleafe imports a superior quick napkin to distributors throughout the United States. To order our Ocean Drive low fold napkins, contact a sales representative at Greenleafe Sales and Marketing. You can call us at 954-605-6071 or 305-799-3928, or contact us by email through our website.

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