Paper Products for Distributors

Greenleafe Sales & Marketing is one of the largest imported paper products companies for distributors. We carry a full line of paper products for foodservice distributors, janitorial supplies distributors and distributors for government, healthcare, and educational facilities.

Paper Napkin Importers

Our paper napkins are made from all different types of paper stock. We import 1 ply and 2 ply dinner napkins, paper lunch lunch napkins, tall fold napkins, low fold napkins, beverage napkins and quick napkins.

Paper Towel Supplier

We carry three different types of paper towels for restrooms. Our multi fold paper towels are available in white and kraft colors. Our hardwood rolls towels are also available in white and kraft for paper dispensers. C fold towels are a heavier guage paper towel.

Toilet Tissue Importers

Greenleafe sells a wide variety of toilet tissue. We have vigin toilet tissue and recycled toilet tissue. Our Junior Jumbo Tissue (JRTS) are large rolls that fit into a toilet tissue canister. We also carry individual toilet tissue rolls.

Facial Tissue Importer

Our facial tissue for distibutors is high quality virgin wood pulp. We carry Greenleafe Favial Tissue and Ocean Drive Facial Tissue. Or, our facial tissue can be customized with your company logo.

Private Label Napkins, Towels, Facial and Toilet Tissue

Greenleafe’s paper products can all be customized with your own private label. Your company logo and be printed on to boxes with the colors of your choice.


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