Paper Products Industries

Greenleafe Sales and Marketing has a variety of paper products available to distributors and suppliers. Greenleafe is one of the largest importers and suppliers of paper products including; paper napkins, paper towels, facial tissue and toilet paper.

Paper products - container for distributors

All of Greenleafe’s paper products are sold by the container and we offer a great mix of products that can be combined into one shipment.

Greenleafe Sales & Marketing imports paper products to distributors in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Paper Products for the Food Service Industry

foodservice paper productsGreenleafe sells importer paper products to foodservice distributors. We have a variety of napkins including; 1 and 2-ply dinner napkins, lunch napkins, beverage napkins, and low fold and tall fold napkins. We have several types of paper towels including; single fold hand towels, multi-fold hand towels, hard wound roll towels, and C-fold hand towels. We also sell facial tissue and toilet tissue to distributors in the food service industry. Our Ocean Drive line products are ideal for restaurants, catering companies, pizza restaurants, and fast food chain restaurants.

Paper Products for the Janitorial Industry

janitorial paper productsGreenleafe imports paper products to janitorial distributors. Our biggest selling paper products for the janitorial industry are paper towels, toilet tissue and facial tissue. We import paper towels in white and kraft color. We carry hardwound paper towels rolls that can be placed in paper towel dispensers. We also have multifold paper towels and C-fold paper towels which are single towels that are placed in a towel dispenser. Our facial tissue is available in rectangular boxes or cube boxes. Private label paper products are also available with your company brand.

Paper Products for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Paper ProductsMany distributors that carry Paper Products for Healthcare Facilities buy from Greenleafe Sales & Marketing. We carry 2-ply Greenleafe facial tissue and Ocean Drive facial tissue. Distributors and hospitals can also have their own private label printed on the facial tissue boxes. Multifold paper towels are another popular item for healthcare facilities. The paper towels are available in white and a light brown (kraft) color. Greenleafe carries JRTS roll toilet tissue and individual rolls of toilet tissue with our own Ocean Drive branding. Contact us about having your brand printed on our paper products.

Paper Products for the Government and Municipalities

municipalities paper productsGreenleafe offers bulk paper products for government offices and schools and universities. We import containers of paper napkins, facial tissue, toilet tissue and paper towels to distributors and large companies in the United States and Canada. We are cost conscious and carry quality, eco-friendly paper products. Call one of our sales representatives today at 954-605-6071 or 305-799-3928. Or you can contact by email from our website. We look forward to working with you.



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