Greenleafe Paper Products for Healthcare Facilities

Greenleafe carries a variety of paper products for healthcare facilities. If you’re a distributor to healthcare facilities or a large hospital looking to purchase paper products in bulk, Greenleafe can assist you with your purchase. We carry eco-friendly paper products including toilet tissue, paper towels, facial tissue and paper napkins for your dining room.

paper products for hospitalsOur toilet tissue is available in large rolls or individually wrapped rolls. We import recycled toilet paper and virgin toilet tissue. Both items are available in large containers shipped to your location.

Junior jumbo tissue (JRTS) is a large roll about 9″ in diameter that fits nicely into a toilet paper container. We also have individual rolls of toilet tissue that are perfect for your patient rooms.

Greenleafe has hardwound paper towel rolls and mutifold paper towels for patient rooms. Both paper towels are available in kraft or white. The harwound paper towels are ideal for hospital kitchens and maintenance areas.

Another popular item for hospitals and healthcare facilities is our facial tissue. We carry Greenleafe and Ocean Drive 2-ply facial tissue. Both tissues are high quality, virgin wood pulp tissue and soft upon touch to the facial area.

If your healthcare facility has a dining room, Greenleafe has several types of paper napkins to purchase. Our most popular paper napkins for hospitals are lo fold napkins, tall fold napkins and lunch napkins. The lo fold and tall fold napkins can be placed in a napkin dispenser in your dining room or you can use them for a patient’s food tray.

If your healthcare facility is looking to purchase paper products in bulk, contact Greenleafe Sales & Marketing at 954-605-6071 or 305-799-3928. Or you can contact us by email and a representative will contact you.

Greenleafe Sales and Marketing, Inc. is an importer and supplier of quality imported paper products for healthcare distributors and healthcare facilities. We have a full line of importer paper towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue and paper napkins that can be combined in one container. We can customize any of our products to suit your needs with regard to size, pack and grade of paper you require.