Paper Towels

Greenleafe Sales & Marketing imports paper towels to distributors. We supply a variety of towels to Janitorial distributors, Foodservice distributors, Government agencies and other industries. We import Single-fold towels, Multi-fold towels, C-fold paper towels and Hardwound Roll towels.

hardwound roll paper towels
Hardwound Roll Towels

tri-fold paper towels
Multi-Fold Paper Towels

c-fold paper towels
C-Fold Paper Towels

Harwound Roll Towels

In today’s world, the most popular paper towel dispenser is the Hardwound Roll Towel. This type of towel is put into a dispenser and dispensed by pushing a small handle down on the cabinet and the paper comes out. Harwound roll paper towels are offered as white or bleached paper towels and kraft paper towels depending upon your customer’s preference.

Tri-Fold or Multi-Fold Paper Towels

Today you see a variety and different types of paper towel cabinets in restrooms across the United States. The multi-fold paper towels have been around for generations. This is the type of towel that dispenses one at a time and is tri-folded. It is called a multi-fold towel because of the way it’s folded. Multi-fold towels fit into a cabinet — that is what we call Universal. Paper factories that make this towel, designed it to fit into most multi-fold towel cabinets. Multi-fold paper towels are offered in either a white or brown.

C-Fold Towels

C-Fold Paper Towels are not as popular as they use to be. The C-fold towel is packed less pieces per case and is more expensive that the other towels because of the way its folded. The a paper is generally thicker and heavier in gauge than most of the other types of paper towels out there in the market place.

Shipping Containers

hardwound roll towels containerAll of our Ocean Drive paper towels are shipped to your company in our custom designed shipping containers. Please reference the above chart to see the amount of product in each container.



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